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The Homely Cuisine from Kerala. South Park is a place where you will experience the flavours of traditional homely Kerala cooking. We would like to bring you rare and unique recipes from our hometown, exotic dishes which our grand mothers and aunts made and those from our own home.

Kerala though a small state, the tastes differ a lot from place to place. For example, the famous Meen Chatty Curry(Fish curry made in earthen pot) differ in the way it is made in different parts of Kerala. In most parts of Kerala, 'Kudam puli'(Gambooge) is used to give that delectable flavor, but in some areas 'Puli' (Tamarind) is used and in some other parts only Tomatoes are used. Similarly Coconut which is one of the major ingredient in most of the Kerala dishes, is used in Meen Chatty curry in some parts of Kerala.

Once when one of us visited aunt's house in Kaduthuruthy, in central Kerala, she presented a delicious Chicken roast prepared in an unique way and which has a different taste to any other Chicken dishes tasted before.

We have a similar story behind each one of our dishes in our menu. It is this variety we would like to present you. We have taken great care to preserve the traditional way of cooking, in selecting the spices and ingredients and to provide a clean, healthy homely food for you.


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